Coming May 26th 2022

For too many years you have condemned me. Thought me guilty of a deception. But you know the truth in your heart. As I know the truth in mine. And tonight you will hear my testimony.

London, 1919. On a cold, autumn night, Judge William Linden rides in a carriage, across the city to a fateful appointment. A mere two-mile journey, it will be the longest of his life. For, beside him sits an unwelcome companion: the woman, Lotta Rae.

She who once stood the accuser at an Old Bailey trial, a trial that became the talk of all London. He then a Crown prosecutor. Those court days have haunted Linden. For, he has long hidden the shameful truth of the trial. A truth he believes well concealed until the woman reappears in his world. He is certain she is determined to deceive just as she was once deceived. That he haunts her as greatly as she haunts him.

And tonight comes the reckoning. The truth in each heart revealed.

The day in court is done. But tonight he will hear her testimony.