Siobhan MacGowan Author


For too many years you have condemned me. Thought me guilty of a deception. But you know the truth in your heart. As I know the truth in mine. And tonight you will hear my testimony.

Waterstones says: A stunningly plotted historical thriller, this gripping tale of injustice, intrigue and revenge set in Edwardian London follows the attempts of a woman to bring an influential man who assaulted her to justice.

Halloween night, 1906. Lotta Rae is assaulted by a wealthy gentleman and bravely takes him to trial alongside her barrister, William, who she believes her ally.

But the verdict is devastating and Lotta soon realises the guardians of justice do not support her. But what none could foresee were the shocking consequences.

Twelve years later, as the suffragettes rise and the ghost of WW1 looms large over London, William and Lotta meet again. Now they will travel to a fateful destination where truths must be faced and wrongs will be righted.

The day in court is done. But tonight he will hear her testimony.

Publisher: Welbeck Publishing Group
ISBN: 9781787397811
Number of pages: 400


Bestowed with the graces.
Condemned by a secret.
Redeemed by a lie.

Dublin, 1918. Rosaleen Moore: The Rose. A seer and a healer.

Revered by popular spiritualists and sought after for her gifts of prophecy and healing by fashionable society, the mighty of Dublin Castle and mercurial political agitators alike, her last extraordinary prophecy will only see her legend grow.

On the anniversary of her death, pilgrims walk the Way of the Rose: to St. Kilian’s Abbey and its bell tower which so lured the Rose in life. Although a shrine, the bell tower has seen tragedy – a heinous crime to which the monastery’s once-beloved Abbot, now imprisoned, has confessed.

Then emerges a deathbed revelation by Rosaleen Moore which casts doubt on the Abbot’s word.

The Rose has a different tale to tell . . .

Publisher: Welbeck Publishing Group
ISBN: 9781787397330
Number of pages: 400
Dimensions: 216 x 135 mm